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Learn about the Family

At Huron Auto Wreckers, we have been proudly family-owned and operated since 1959. Now under our 2nd generation of ownership, we continue to provide personalized parts and towing services in the spirit of John William “Jack” McGuire and his wife Lorraine. Our tradition of service excellence is continued by Jack’s two sons, Brian and Ronald McGuire, as well as Ronald’s wife, Julie.

When Huron Auto Wreckers started out, there were only about a half dozen vehicles available for parts. Today, our customers are able to choose from over 3,500 vehicles, all located on our 40 acre lot. Needless to say, with our dedication to providing quality customer service, our company has experienced 50 years of steady growth.

For our next 50 years, we hope to serve you with quality auto parts and towing services, all while remaining an environmentally-friendly company.

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